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Tailored User interfaces for Web & Mob Apps that drives engagement and conversion.


We build and empower brands to express their business image and values.

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We create strong media that makes people pay attention to your business.

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Agile driven process to build technically advanced and engaging Web applications.

Marketing Automation

AI marketing automation across channels that drive revenue.


use-case documentation and reference architecture for your CX Landscape.

We are Experts in Brand Digital Recovery

We are experts in revitalizing your digital presence.
Minerva Visuals is a progressive and sophisticated Digital-Design agency that is technically and creatively able to manifest your brand into its best self.

Our approach to Marketing Automation Campaigns design creates an impressive and engaging personalized user-experiences that will bring your business an unparalleled return.

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Lea Ballová
Bolt Taxi - Marketing Manager CZ & SK

A pleasure to work with Minerva Visuals :) Perfect communication, quick responses to changes and of course great work delivered on time. Definitely recommend!

Lukas Schweighofer
Retail Account Manager at

I approached Minerva Visuals to create a logo for one of our projects. The result pleasantly surprised me - it transformed my proposed idea into a modern, innovative and creative logo in 3-D format. They met all my expectations. In addition to well-done work, the icing on the cake was fast and useful communication. I recommend and look forward to our further more

Nikola Kmecová
Bolt Food - Sales Manager

Great cooperation. I especially appreciate the ability to react quickly to changes and the overall organizational flexibility. The cooperation was professional, but at the same time in a friendly spirit.

Petra Kotuliakova
Director of the Chinese Confucius Institute at STU (Bratislava, Slovakia)

I really like how Adam uses light in his photos. The result is great, the pictures are very nice and we are glad to have Minerva team in our activities.

Ming Ying
Kinka Ramen - Restaurant Media Manager (Bratislava, Slovakia)

It was very nice to work with Adam's team. They are very professional and the service was incredible. Although the first draft didn't come out as expected, Adam's team was willing to handle the situation perfectly. Their customer service is extremely GOOD! I am very satisfied. Highly recommend them!
Although the first draft of the project didn't come out as I expected, Adam's team was willing to spend hours and hours to work on the changes without a single complain. Their customer service is extremely GOOD! I am very satisfied. Highly recommend them! prečítať viac

Dr Bruce Waxman
Chief Medical Officer at Bass Coast Health (Melbourne, Australia)

I can't imagine anyone better than this talented, prompt and helpful team. Really great service and great communication. (preklad z angličtiny)

Samuel Verret-Tomlinson
Team Assistant v spoločnosti UNIDO. (Viedeň, Rakúsko)

Adam and his team were very professional: precise, polite and patient. They even helped us choose the best places in Vienna and came up with better ideas than we would have as locals.Fotenie prebehlo hladko a obrázky dopadli na výbornú. Adam nám ponúkol veľa možností úprav (farebný štýl, odstránenie zástupov atď.). Veľmi si vážim, aký bol chápavý a flexibilný, pretože sme si museli dvakrát zmeniť termín, aby sme si užili čo najlepšie počasie. (preklad z angličtiny) prečítať viac

Moses Og
Co-founder and CEO of Levosofts Technologies and co-founder of the African Chamber of Commerce (Shanghai, China)

Dedicated, professional team, very patient and really hard working. Always ready to help clients.(preklad z angličtiny)

Richard Kováč
Financial consultant at Brokeria. (Nové Zámky, Slovakia)

I really liked the professional approach, willingness, and communication from Kerim. They did an excellent job in terms of photos, web pages and, last but not least, business cards, which we edited together several times to be exactly as I imagined. I recommend them not only because of their excellence but also the valuable information they share.

Pietro Notaro
Co-founder of Hand (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

I worked with Minerva Visuals to create my website: and Adam and his team were helpful in fulfilling all my requirements. They were efficient and fast when delivering work. I strongly recommend working with them.prečítať viac

Livia Ying
Kinka Ramen - Restaurant Co-owner (Bratislava, Slovensko)

They work on everything with a high efficiency. It was really nice working with them on our projects.

Hassan Aly
Brand Manager - Obchod Shisha (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Minerva Visuals has created a great e-shop for us, where we can sell our products ( They have also created an excellent re-branding for us, which optimized our visual identitynašu vizuálnu identitu a marketingové zameranie. Včera zvládli vytlačiť všetky požadované tlačoviny s použitím vynikajúcich a kvalitných materiálov (vizitky, nálepky a brožúry). Boli sme veľmi spokojní so všetkou poskytnutou prácou a odbornosťou. Z tohto dôvodu vrelo odporúčame spoluprácu s Minerva Visuals. prečítať viac

He Nguyen Dinh
Restaurant Owner - Bamboo SNP (Bratislava, Slovakia)

I have had the opportunity to work three times with Minerva Photography team and they are talented and take photos with their hearts. Amazing!

Zuzana Firgánková
Managing Director of African Slovak Union (ASU) (Bratislava, Slovakia)

African-Slovak Union has an ongoing cooperation with MV. I am in close touch with MV creative team, their dedication for work and get-it-done approach is reflected in every material they delivers to us. I am grateful for our cooperation and I highly recommend MV.

He Nguyen Dinh
Restaurant Owner - Lotus Bistro (Bratislava, Slovakia)

We hired Minerva Visuals for two photoshoots. Amazing people, very professional and friendly. Excellent photos with high quality and attention to detail. I personally recommend them and I will definitely work with them again in the future!

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